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[Background] Kinds of Magic

The seven types of magic:

1. Magic of symbol: to which almost anyone can be trained
- Magery - magic for the iron world (“barely magic at all”) - bound up in symbols and material things. See results, but not magic itself.
- Wicca/High Ritual Magick/Golden Dawn - manipulation of symbols, hedge counterparts of Magecraft

2. Magic by gift: born special in some way

3. Magic by initiation: power is earned by sacrifice, bought and paid for
- shamanistic magic is one of these
- do a sundance, 40 days in the desert, ritual scarification. some of these work but the powers tend to be unpredictable.

4. Willmagic: power claimed through sheer force of personality, bending the world to your will. prevalent in Faerie, as well. This is the power someone can gain over you by use of your true name.

5. Magic by blood/Magic by birth: nothing anyone can learn or buy or bargain for. It’s yours or it’s not
- Werewolves, Fae, spirits of the wood and vale
- Wild magic - manifest magic of Faerie

6. Glamourie: art of illusion

7. Witchcraft: a kind of initiation, but highly specific. Witches gain their power through sexual sacrifice of their bodies to the Christian Devil.