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Birthdate:Jan 31
Poet. Playwright. Queen's Man. Intelligencer. Catamite. Athiest. Sodomite. Traitor. Ghost. Elf-Knight. Changeling. Bard. Witch. Lover. Beloved.

I've been called a lot of things, in life and in my supposed death. I served my Queen, letting her use me and my name as she would, even unto the death she had me dealt, and the escape she gave me. When the knife entered my eye, I didn't die, as history reports. Instead I was stolen away to serve Gloriana's sister queen, the Mebd, though her sister did claim me first.

Queens fighting over me--I'm pretty sure there's an interesting irony here somewhere.

They made me one of theirs, gave me immortality in return for my poetry and my other, subtler gifts. I spied for them, as I had for Elizabeth, and served both my queens in keeping their kingdoms strong, for as long as I could.

I've loved few with the whole of myself, and for one, I sold my name to another, then gave him my body for the power to revenge myself on my enemies. Apparently many of the old stories are true, and the transformation into a witch--in the truest sense of the word--is not an unpleasant experience, I assure you.

But that was four centuries ago, and the man I sold my name for is another legend in your world, and the devil I bargained with for him has gone back to his Father in reconciliation (though no worries--others still reign in Hell), and the Fae Prince I found myself loving...

The world is remade, the power in our hands to shape it as we will. Morgan tells me I am of the legends now, and I have the power to choose my story as I will.

I suppose that is the question isn't it?

What is't I will now all I loved is gone?

Background: Kit was born in February 1564 to a shoemaker in Canterbury. He became a poet and playwright, having his first play produced in London in 1587. He was also a member of the Prometheus Club, a secret society of mages dedicated to the protection of England and Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the Club developed a schism over what that meant--some thought protecting England meant getting rid of Elizabeth. Kit remained with those dedicated to Elizabeth and was a Queen’s Man. His plays were pieces of magecraft, using arcane magic in the words so that when they were performed they strengthened Elizabeth’s reign. However, her enemies worked hard to discredit him, having him arrested for heresy and turning public opinion against him (which he didn’t help with his rather well-known/whispered of homosexuality). Kit was “murdered” in an alleyway in 1593--however, his death was not truly real. Instead, he was stolen away by Elizabeth’s sister-queen of the Fae, the Mebd, to become her spy and keep Faerie safe, as the two realms were linked. He was healed by Morgan la Fey, and eventually bound to her for some time, though he won his way free of those bindings.

William Shakespeare took his place as Queen’s Man and spy for England and playwright of the Prometheus Club. Eventually Kit revealed he was alive, and brought Will to Faerie to help him there now and again, though that turned out to be a bad decision, as the Mebd betrayed them, which brought them into Lucifer’s clutches. Kit sold his soul to Lucifer to win Will free, and Lucifer healed Kit, fully, in return, and made him a witch on top of his magecraft. The two friends and lovers worked together and with Morgan’s son Murchaud (also in love with Kit) to stop the plot to destroy England and stop what Morgan and the Mebd were plotting as well, to win some sort of freedom for them all. They managed it, but it left Kit highly bitter and emotionally wounded, remembering old traumas he didn’t know how to escape from.

It was Murchaud who finally freed him from his trauma, and Murchaud who helped him heal when Will finally died. Kit was forever chained to Faerie, a changeling now, and he fell in love with Murchaud along the way. Faerie owed a debt to Hell, to pay a tithe every seven years, sending one of their own to keep Hell’s protection from Heaven. At some point, Murchaud was sent. When he was, Kit willingly went with him. (He was already half in love with Lucifer anyway, too, so). At some point in the intervening years, Faerie and England were no longer allies, and the Prometheus Club turned their mission to destroying the wild magic of Faerie. They nearly did it with their iron and modernity, but a semi-truce was struck until the Faeries stole away the daughter of the leader of the Club in the 1970s. She was a changeling, and Murchaud’s daughter, thus Morgan’s granddaughter, and in the early 21st century, she eventually led a war against her mother and the Club. Murchaud came back to fight, leading an army from Hell as their ally’s, but was killed in the battle.

In his grief over Murchaud’s death, Kit left Hell and returned to Faerie, swearing a sort of allegiance to Murchaud’s daughter. The Fae ended up in another war with each other while Kit ended up in one of his own with the Prometheus Club for his lover’s death, and Lucifer kept trying to go back to Heaven and other devils kept trying to stop him and bring the angels down on them all. In the end, though, Kit was still standing, and “Where do we go from here” comes to mind with “The battle’s done and we kind of won, so we sound our victory cheer/where do we go from here?” That is the point Kit is at, and where he enters the village.

Personality: Kit is known for his acerbic, mocking wit--it comes through his plays and his poems and he has not lost it in the last 400 years. He is, however, nearly too sensitive, far more than his tongue would give one to believe. He loves fully, sometimes foolishly, and believes in things with the fervor only a poet or madman can. He hates with just as much fervor, and his vengeance can be harsh. On the other hand, he can be charming and that same mocking wit has delighted both human and Fae courts. He’s a brilliant poet and playwright--one whose works stand the test of time. He is a storyteller and a bard, captured up in his own story as much as any he’s crafted. He is fiercely loyal to those he’d loved--betrayal would never occur to him, and thus he takes it very hard when he is betrayed. He is a spy, so he understands the foibles of humanity, but he, himself stands true to what he has sworn--but he he is just as capable of lying and manipulating and putting on the subterfuge of a spy. He thinks of himself is damned and carries a great deal of anger toward God--he was raised to believe in Him, and knows He is real (you can’t meet Lucifer and angels and remain in doubt), but given sodomy was a crime and he was so very interested in men--he believes he was damned for being what he was and never found that fair. Now that he’s given his soul to Lucifer, he believes even more there is no entry into Heaven. At the same time, he calls himself an atheist, but not in the modern sense, but the sense it was understood in the 16th century, which was a man who was opposed to God, not so much someone who didn’t believe.

Physical Description: Kit is described as a “small, slight man” -- he was stolen away to Faerie at the age of 29 and has not, nor will he, age since then, and he was always considered to look very boyish. He’s thin, with wavy golden brown hair he keeps a little long but very well brushed. If he wears a beard, which he does occasionally, it is kept short and very neat. His eyes are dark and deep-set and while his face may be boyish, his eyes give away his age. He prefers the dress that calls to mind a gone-by age, which suits him well enough since he has to stay in Faerie or Hell or he gets sick, so he generally can be found in narrow trousers and silk shirts with silver buttons. His boots, though, he keeps always with iron nails--his one defense against the art of the Fae. No matter when he might take on modern dress, though, or older fashioned, he wears his ragged patchwork cloak, which is the cloak of a bard and a symbol of his primary profession. Each piece of cloth that makes up a patch was given to him by someone special, so the cloak is precious to him and is never far away.

Special Skills: Kit is both a witch and a mage. They are different in his world. Mages use symbols and material things--it’s pure human magic, the use of will and spell and symbol to which almost anyone can be trained. It’s high ritual magick, basically. Witchcraft, on the other hand, is magic that is gained by sexual sacrifice to the Devil. Kit had an affair, of a sort, with Lucifer and gave up himself and his name for the power imbued to him. The two combined make him very powerful magically, capable of most spells, but not all. Will magic over Fae is beyond him, and he has no skill with the other 5 types of magic in their world, either. But he can walk between worlds, and summon light and summon familiars and do all your traditional “magic” things you think of in fantasy without being super-charged. (i.e. he gets his ass kicked in magic battles more than once in the novels.)

Point of Entry into[info]hearts_andminds: At the end of Whiskey and Water

Disclaimer: Christopher Marlowe was a historical person, and I am most certainly not him. This version of him belongs to Elizabeth Bear and is from her Promethean Age series--I'm not her, either, and no infringement is intended. This journal is just for RP and entertainment purposes. Some of my own interpretation of Kit may come through, as he grows, and backstory may change, if so, this disclaimer will, as well, but that's where we're starting from. Kit is represented here by Alex Pettyfer, who is in no way associated with this journal.

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