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You have reached Kit. Leave your message and I will contact you when I may.
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The seven types of magic:

1. Magic of symbol: to which almost anyone can be trained
- Magery - magic for the iron world (“barely magic at all”) - bound up in symbols and material things. See results, but not magic itself.
- Wicca/High Ritual Magick/Golden Dawn - manipulation of symbols, hedge counterparts of Magecraft

2. Magic by gift: born special in some way

3. Magic by initiation: power is earned by sacrifice, bought and paid for
- shamanistic magic is one of these
- do a sundance, 40 days in the desert, ritual scarification. some of these work but the powers tend to be unpredictable.

4. Willmagic: power claimed through sheer force of personality, bending the world to your will. prevalent in Faerie, as well. This is the power someone can gain over you by use of your true name.

5. Magic by blood/Magic by birth: nothing anyone can learn or buy or bargain for. It’s yours or it’s not
- Werewolves, Fae, spirits of the wood and vale
- Wild magic - manifest magic of Faerie

6. Glamourie: art of illusion

7. Witchcraft: a kind of initiation, but highly specific. Witches gain their power through sexual sacrifice of their bodies to the Christian Devil.
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Hey, slow it down whataya want from me
Whataya want from me
Yeah I'm afraid whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

There might have been a time
When I would give myself away
Oooh once upon a time I didn't give a damn
But now, here we are so whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

He hadn’t understood the intrigues at court at first, hadn’t seen how deadly they were--as deadly as any played in Elizabeth’s, perhaps even moreso. He knew that nothing came for free in this life, knew that the Prince Consort came to his bed for some reason of his own. The Fae were cold. They did not love, not the way mortals loved, or so Kit told himself. When the hand tipped, when the request came and he saw what skills they needed...well, then.

He knew why he’d been spared, did he not?

He was a spy, and a Queen’s Man, and well, enough, he’d serve the Prince’s wife and mother, though the loss he felt at his ejection from Murchaud’s bed left his head spinning.

Another betrayal, the magic they’d worked on him.

‘Twas Will’s arrival that put things in perspective, but it wasn’t love that drove him back to the Elf-Knight’s bed, but vengeance and heartbreak that his love was elsewise. And when he wasn’t, the petty games of love and betrayal seemed to consume them all.

It never occurred to him the part Murchaud played, or what he might be doing or thinking or feeling underneath it all. For what could a Elf-Knight truly feel for a mortal man?

The next betrayal stung more--not that they would send him to Hell, but then forbid to go after his Will, to save his Will. That Murchaud would dare forbid him, anything, as if he had dominion or say over Kit’s life. As if he cared what happened.

Kit didn’t give a damn as he rode away. He certainly wasn’t thinking of his Prince as he walked into Hell.

Just don't give up. I'm workin' it out )
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Faustus: Stay, Mephistopheles, and tell me, what good will
my soul do thy lord?

Mephistopheles: Enlarge his kingdom.

Faustus: Is that the reason he tempts us thus?

Mephistopheles: Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris.
(It is a comfort to the wretched to have companions in misery)
~ Dr. Faustus

It was sad when he was all I had left. Now he's gone, too. We're all stories, legends, and we choose or remake them as we go...

But all but she are gone, now, and the new ones have come forward, and are looking to me.

...I'm really not sure what to do with them.


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